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Top 10 Telemarketing Scams

1. Credit Card Offers - false promises of credit cards, even if credit is bad, for an upfront fee.
2. Prizes/Sweepstakes - request for payment based on promise of cash or valuable prizes that never materialize.
3. Work at Home Plans - kits sold on false promise of big profits from working at home.
4. Magazine Sales Scams - con artists misrepresent the cost of subscriptions or pretend to be the publisher calling about renewals.
5. Advanced Fee Loans - false promises of business or personal loans, even if credit is bad, for an upfront fee.
6. Lotteries/Lottery Clubs - false claims that consumers have won, or can get help to win, a lottery - often in a foreign country.
7. Buyers' Clubs - memberships in discount buying clubs consumers never agreed to join or through free trial offers.
8. Travel/Vacations - offers free or discount travel that never materializes.
9. Business Opportunities/Franchises - offers to help you start your own business with claims of high earnings with little effort.
10. Telephone Slamming - switching consumers' phone service to another carrier without consent.

If you have been a victim of any of these scams, call the National Fraud Information center toll free at 800-876-7060

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